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Short Films Written and Directed by James Byrne

Dreamer - 2010, 15:04 
Tracey Maloney, Robert O. Berdahl
Rotations of the Earth2011, 8:38  
Carolyn Pool, Peter Moore
Trade for Magic2012, 13:32 Emily Dooley, Laura Esping, David Wasylik, Haley Houck
Trouble Light2013, 7:15
Kathryn Lawrey, John Skelley, Christine Weber, Celia Byrne
The Light of Each New Day2014, 4:24
Shelby Richardson, Michael Hanna,
Jauston Campbell, Jessie Scarborough Ghent
Madison2015, 15:15
Katherine Johnson Justice, Billy Mullaney
Mist on the River 2016, 9:18
Vanessa Pooler,
Erik Hoover, Reyna Rios
Things to Do Before Leaving 2019, 12:50 
Rue Norman, Theresa Alvarado
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