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Great Lakes

Two lost but likable souls set out on what they hope will be a redemptive
 road trip to scatter ashes in Lake Superior.  Their journey takes an unusual twist after they unwittingly get mixed up in an assisted suicide scheme.
"Great Lakes", stars Heidi Jo Langseth and Jeff Gilson, written and directed by James Byrne, with a musical score by Jessy Greene,. This spirited, low budget, character driven, Minnesota indie premiered at the 2002 Telluride IndieFest and later screened at the Oak Street Cinema in Minneapolis. 
The ensemble of acclaimed Twin Cities' actors include Nancy Marvy, Terry O'Sullivan, Robert O. Berdahl, April Adamson, Marshal Hambro, Carolyn Jenkins, Gedney Tuttle, and Ingrid Hoyt. 
2002, 76:00

Ninety-Nine Pages

 This comedy tracks the eccentric lives of wannabe filmmakers (Carolyn Pool, Charles Hubbell, and Brian Page) and their neighbors (Kate Guentzel and Jim Halloran) who are recruited to act in their nonexistent movie.  Intersecting subplots spin a whimsical tale about friendship,filmmaking, 

and the creative process.  

  "Ninety-Nine Pages" premiered at the Ellensburg Film Festival.  It was restored and re-released in 2017. 
 The wonderful supporting cast includes Jennifer Maren, Jesse Kuntz, Amber Johnson, Maesie Speer, Gedney Tuttle, and Ingrid Hoyt.     

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