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 "Circled in Red"

a feature length screenplay by James Byrne
A troubled artist flees New York after blaming himself for the tragic death of his pregnant girlfriend.  He escapes New York with their daughter and tries to start a new life.  Years later he finds himself trapped in the hinterlands of exurbia, his house in foreclosure, two young daughters to support, and a wife who disappeared months ago.  Remorse cripples him.  Visions of his dying girlfriend haunt him.  He struggles to stay afloat and keep his family together against all odds.  This richly detailed, multi-layered drama weaves together past and present to show how guilt and bad decisions can shape our lives and affect those we love.  
Official Selection (Second Place) 2017 New York 
  Metropolitan Screenplay Competition 
Finalist 2017 Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition
Finalist 2017 Buga Screenplay Competition
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